Our History. Our Nature.

An integrated system of companies dedicated to research.

The companies in the Group, which share the same vision, spirit and mission as Naturalia Tantum, have made their values a daily goal to be achieved without compromise.

The “Natural Products Cluster”, unique in its dimension and its high-quality offer, brings together excellent Italian companies specialised in creating personal wellness products, natural cosmetics, nutraceuticals and functional supplements.

We believe in natural and genuine products.

Development is focused on excellence, with a green vision.

Naturalia Tantum is an ecosystem of green companies, operating in accordance with a development model aimed at excellence and providing high-quality personal care products and services, with a positive and sustainable vision of the future.

We use only 100% clean energy

A clear choice in support of environmental sustainability.
The electricity we use is 100% green certified as well as guaranteed by the body GSE with Guarantees of Origin, a certification that tracks the energy produced from renewable sources and promotes a cleaner energy market.





Bioearth, Sanecovit, EffegiLab, DIVA,
Togethair, Natural Way Laboratories, Harbor, L'Amande, Zeca

Own brands

International presence


Production facilities

Cosmetics and home-cleaning products

Science lab

Production of solid
and liquid supplements for health and beauty

Sectors served

large-scale retail, herbalists, pharmacies, hotels, medical spas, perfumeries, specialised retail, e-commerce, drugstores, pet care

Cutting-edge research

Passion, experience and know-how.

Naturalia Tantum brings together experience, know-how and experimentation carried out, over decades, in the field of natural products. This valuable experience enables the Group to anticipate market needs and trends with highly innovative products, formulated by cutting-edge R&D labs, environmentally friendly production facilities and clean rooms specialised in producing natural supplements.

We develop products to meet our customers' needs

Naturalia Tantum offers its customers a product that is unique on the market in terms of ingredients, formulas and performance.

Natural Eco Bio cosmetics, natural functional supplements and eco-friendly personal care and home-cleaning products. All of these are based on unique and exclusive custom formulations that exceed the expectations of our end customers. We provide an all-round service, from needs analysis to brand and product development, formulation, certification and market launching.

Areas of expertise

Food Supplements

Self-Care Cosmetics

Professional Cosmetics

Body Cleansing products

Home-Cleaning products

Pet Care

Eco-friendly and organic products for people’s wellness

The new model for modern nutraceuticals and natural cosmetics made with organic ingredients is based on technology and innovation. Naturalia Tantum offers eco-friendly and organic products for personal care, home cleaning and small pets. Based on innovative formulas that provide superior performance while respecting people and the environment, they are available in increasingly sustainable recycled or recyclable packs.

Natural Attitude

Our Companies

Highly active in the natural cosmetics and personal care sector, the company has always been at the forefront in developing products that anticipate new market trends.

San.Eco.Vit. was established in 1989 thanks to the passion of Donato Vitaloni - its founder, current partner and CEO - for simple, healthy and clean things.

The Trentino-based company is the outcome of many years of research in the field of organic treatments by its founder, the pharmacist Dr Francesca Ferri.

DI-VA Health and Beauty was established in Milan in 1978. It is now a leading company in the Pharmacy, Health & Beauty, and Herbalist sectors.

Togethair specializes in the production and marketing of colouring and care products for professional salons.

For over thirty years, Natural Way Laboratories has been developing and manufacturing nutritional supplements for third parties without compromising on quality.

Harbor, founded in 1980 and based in Bologna (BO), specialises in the production of own-brand and private-label cosmetics formulated with natural active ingredients and plant extracts.

L’Amande is one of the oldest soap brands in the world. Founded in France back in 1884, during the expansion phase in the 1950s it was brought to Savona, Italy.

Zeca, specialises in research & development, production and distribution of household, personal and pet care products; the main production is powders and granules for the household cleaning market.