Naturalia Tantum represents excellence in natural cosmetics and functional supplements in Italy

It has a strong and widespread presence on the Italian market and in 40 foreign markets, with a vast portfolio of Beauty, Skincare, Haircare, Beauty Food supplements, Super Green Foods, natural and functional food supplements, Eco Home Care, and Pet Care products.

One key player, capable of serving many markets, both in Italy and abroad.

It is a collector of knowledge, experience and know-how, a benchmark in the world of natural and green cosmetics in Italy, serving an increasingly broad and demanding market.

Francesco Iovine, CEO of Naturalia Tantum


Natural excellence without compromise.

Product excellence comes about through quality, innovation and sustainability, especially in cosmetics and nutraceuticals. And Naturalia Tantum was launched to achieve a new excellence.

Natural excellence without compromise is our philosophy, which we nurture and cultivate every day for the well-being of people, in harmony with the environment.


We believe in natural in the truest sense. The companies in the Group share the same vision, mission and values as Naturalia Tantum, making it a daily goal to achieve this in an uncompromising way through:

researching and selecting the best, innovative natural and organic raw materials

progress and innovation in its own research laboratories, in cooperation with prestigious research centres and universities

optimisation of processes and manufacturing methods from a green perspective

constant monitoring and continuous improvement of quality standards

ecology and sustainability in the manufacturing processes and all the standards that drive these



60 million euros up to 2023


100 million euros target for 2026


Naturalia Tantum is a synergy of companies specialising in the research and development of eco-friendly products in the fields of organic cosmetics, natural cleansing, nutraceuticals and functional supplementation. Based on the strength of their experience, these products offer unique formulas in terms of quality and performance.