Environmental responsibility

All the companies in the Group work according to clean and transparent processes to make their manufacturing stages more energy efficient, with the utmost attention to the comfort of those employed at the production sites.

Continuous Research and Development and scrupulous compliance with Certification protocols mean that we select suppliers with an excellent track record, both in terms of the quality and innovation of the raw material and their guaranteed reliability and safety.


We have reduced wasteful consumption and unnecessary packaging, and are constantly researching and adopting innovative solutions to impact the environment as little as possible through:

conscious use of resources and energy efficiency at every stage of processing

reduction and optimisation of water, plastic and paper consumption

reduction in packaging and innovation to make it greener: use of FSC-certified paper, glass, aluminium and PCR (post-consumer) plastic packaging


GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices

IFS HPC – International Featured Standard Household and Personal Care – RATING <95%

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management

100% Clean Energy – Dolomiti Energia