New Head Spa concept

Togethair®. Phytotherapy and innovation for new haircare and high-performance, sensorial and creative styling.


Naturalia Tantum is proud to present the new Head Spa concept of Togethair® Meeting Nature, acquired by Assietta Private Equity in June 2021.

Togethair® is a made-in-Italy excellence that has found the right combination of phytotherapy and innovation, inaugurating a new concept of Head Spa: effective formulas, with excellent performance, that leave room for the creative flair of professionals and give an enveloping experience to those who use the products.

The claim “Meeting Nature” highlights the green soul of the professional hair care and styling lines, technical and trichological, formulated with functional ingredients of natural origin and the most modern cosmetic technologies, within Togethair®’s GMP certified R&D Laboratories.

Over 40 years of experience in the sector and an aptitude for research have led to the definition of specific lines for every type of concept and requirement of Hairdressers and Hair Stylists:

  • O-RANGE HAIR COLOR: professional colouring with sugar amino acids
  • NABE HAIR COLOR: professional colouring with low ammonia content for sensitive hair with chia seed oil
  • MEET PURE COLOR: pure pigments and colour masks with 95% natural ingredients and mongo oil
  • DEKO LINE: açai seed oil bleaching line
  • NEWAVE: thioglycolate-free permanent waving system with carpate oil
  • 3D BOND THERAPY: reconstruction line with three-dimensional hyaluronic acid and organic olive oil

Among the spearheads of Togethair®:

NHC SPA TREATMENTS, a line designed for the wellbeing of the hair and scalp, formulated with functional ingredients of 98% natural origin, such as Citrus, Chamomile, Capelvere, Watercress, Hibiscus Flowers, Nettle Almonds, without mineral oils, parabens or sulphate surfactants.

NEW FINISH CONCEPT, specific for finishing with Phytokeratin™, a special vegetable keratin extracted from hydrolysed wheat proteins that replicates the hair fibre, reinforces, revitalises and restructures, making the hair smoother, silkier, shinier and more docile to the comb, for perfectly defined styling.

All Togethair® products are designed to meet the needs and ambitions of Head Spas and Hair Stylists with specific treatments for different needs: hair protection, colouring, restructuring and reconstruction, to shape beauty.
A beauty that knows no boundaries and has conquered professionals all over the world, in France, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the Russian Federation.

With its know-how in professional formulations, Togethair® proposes itself as a partner for PL projects for distribution realities in the professional and non-professional channel, with a complete service ranging from product conception to ingredient research, from formulation to graphic design and packaging.