Natural Way Laboratories joins Naturalia Tantum

The race of Naturalia Tantum, the “pole” of Natural companies promoted by Assietta Private Equity SGR Spa together with Paolo Colonna, does not stop.

After having acquired, not more than a few weeks ago, from the Specchiasol Group the company Togethair, active in the professional trichological sector, in recent days it has signed the agreement to acquire Natural Way Laboratories from the financial operator Ibla Capital.

Natural Way Laboratories is a company based in Caprino Veronese specialising in the development, production and sale of food supplements for third parties in solid and liquid form. Over time, the company has been able to find its own identity and through continuous product innovation has managed to win over an ever-increasing number of customers.

In 2021, the company is inching closer to reaching its goal of EUR 6.5 million in turnover, with very significant growth in 2020 and the prospect of ambitious new projects in 2022. Turnover is mainly developed in Italy with management customers, for whom the company provides a complete service, from consultancy in the field of formulation to the realisation of the finished product for the various target markets.

“Natural Way Laboratories fits perfectly into our Group philosophy,” says Naturalia Tantum CEO Francesco Iovine, “Our aim is to be present with our offer of natural cosmetic products and functional supplements in all the main channels in Italy (organised and specialised large-scale distribution, herbalist shops, pharmacies, perfumeries, hotels, wellness centres and professional salons) and to develop a significant presence of our products on foreign markets. The people who use our products are conscious customers, who are interested in beauty but who recognise that beauty cannot be separated from respect for the environment that surrounds us. It is for this reason that some of our companies were among the first to introduce on the market cosmetic products formulated using only raw materials of natural origin and also among the first to obtain BIO certifications.

The inclusion of Natural Way Laboratories goes in this direction. Beauty on the outside yes, but to be more beautiful on the outside we must also pay attention to who we are and what we eat. With Natural Way, our Group will be able to offer a wider range of supplement products in combination with and in support of those already offered by the other companies in the group.”

Naturalia Tantum, under the leadership of Francesco Iovine, has reached its sixth aggregation operation within a ‘system’ that has given and is giving ample space to the entrepreneurs who founded their respective companies and decided to reinvest in the project. Not a single company but a “pole” of companies united by a passion for natural cosmetics and integration products that have found in Naturalia Tantum an aggregator to face the difficult challenges of the market and for once really make a system.

With this operation, Assietta Priva Equity’s investee aims to close 2021 with 45 million euros in revenues and a near future made up of great challenges, particularly on foreign markets.

Natural Way Laboratories
NW Labs ( specialises in the development, production and packaging of dietary supplements for third parties in solid form (capsules, tablets, powders and granules) and in liquid form through its wholly-owned subsidiary Ellepharma Srl. NW Labs offers a full outsourcing service from product conception, research and development, industrialisation, production and packaging. The products are certified and formulated with organic raw materials and production follows pharmaceutical industry standards (the environments are temperature and humidity controlled and the quality management system is certified). NW Labs operates through two specialised production plants located in Caprino Veronese (solid supplements) and Sovizzo (liquid supplements).

The product portfolio is broad and covers 15 therapeutic areas. Supplements are produced in different pharmaceutical forms (capsules, tablets, powders, granules and liquids) and packaged in different types of packaging (vials, blisters, bottles and ampoules).

Naturalia Tantum Spa
Naturalia Tantum ( is the system of companies active in natural cosmetics with organic ingredients and functional supplements. The Group includes Sanecovit, specialising in cosmetics and detergents for large retail stores, acquired in March 2017; Bioearth, dedicated to cosmetics and supplements for herbalists and pharmacies, acquired in October 2018; Effegilab, specialising in cosmetics for high-end hotels and wellness centres and dietary supplements, acquired in May 2019; Di-Va, specialising in the marketing in the pharmaceutical channel of cosmetics and supplements under both its own and third-party brands, acquired in September 2020; and Togethair, active in the production and marketing of hair care and colouring products for the professional channel, acquired in June 2021.

Assietta Private Equity SGR Spa
Assietta Private Equity SGR ( is an independent asset management company specialised in setting up and managing closed-end private equity funds, controlled since 2009 by the Exilles Group (Studio Cornaglia & Associati) which acquired it under the name of Aletti Private Equity SGR from the Banco Popolare Group. Assietta Private Equity SGR currently manages two Funds, the Fondo APE III and the Fondo APE IV, with a total endowment of over 90 million euro, mainly intended for investments in small and medium-sized companies in the Italian productive fabric.