Organic cosmetics and natural products: trends

The Pole of Natural rides the future of the Italian cosmetics industry.

  First it was the fashion for organic and natural, then came the circular issue to safeguard the planet. Now the trends are consolidating, revealing that green is the only way forward for cosmetic companies that want to be competitive. More evolved and conscious consumers, the digital native generations are looking for more and more natural, environmentally sustainable products, pushing cosmetic companies toward greater corporate responsibility. Thus, even traditional companies are rushing toward natural, while those that have been doing it all along are preparing for an institutional shift, armed with a major competitive advantage. In fact, more and more companies are assessing their footprint, drawing up sustainability budgets, implementing rigorous environmental responsibility programs, refining their certification paths, and supporting these activities with precise communication strategies. Communicating sustainability actually becomes a crucial competitive positioning factor, increasingly capable of moving the market. According to research conducted by Quantis Italy, today’s consumers are in fact driven by new, increasingly green drivers:
  • 78% prefer plastic-free pack products
  • 76% sustainable products produced using renewable sources
  • 76% products packaged in refillable or reusable bottles
  • 69% products from companies that have a reduced carbon footprint
  • 65% products from companies that have a reduced water footprint
Preferences the Center for Studies of Cosmetica Italia estimates a total of around 1.6 billion euros for the market of cosmetics with natural and sustainable connotations and, sell-in side, in 2021 translate into significant turnovers:
  • 925 million euros for natural and sustainable cosmetics
  • 876 million euros for sustainable and green cosmetics
  • 778 million euros for cosmetics with organic and natural connotations
It is clear that the rise of organic and natural cosmetics is not a passing trend. The time is ripe to move toward an increasingly sustainable and fairer economy. And the cosmetics industry is ready for a future with reduced environmental impact and to work according to principles of quality, safety, and transparency. This will lead to the raising of the quality bar for beauty, wellness and self-care products, putting low-cost supply chains on the back burner. Excellent news, then, for the positioning of the Italian cosmetics industry, which has always stood out in the global market, especially for companies with long experience in innovative and naturally derived cosmetics such as Incarose and AnnurKap, specializing in Health and Beauty; in natural and sustainable products and organic cosmetics such as Bioearth and San.Eco.Vit. Another key competitive factor is the online presence and direct connection with the digital customer, which Pandemic has revealed to be crucial, so much so that it has prompted many companies to study digital-only products for their communities. According to data from Npd Group at the end of 2021, the shift of beauty purchases to e-commerce – compared to the pre-Covid period – will experience a 50% increase in 5 key markets: Italy, Germany, France, Spain and the UK, with a +146% for our country. Increasingly encouraging data for the Pole of Natural, which unites green companies by vocation, strong in their long experience in the sector and constant search for innovative ingredients, natural formulas and increasingly sustainable production, packaging and distribution practices. In two words: Naturalia Tantum!